Monday, September 24, 2007

Somen Fun

July 21st

Somen is a very thin wheat flour noodle usually served cold in the summer. It is usually dipped in some tsuyu sauce (a light soy dipping sauce) with ginger and scallions. Sometimes, cold cucumbers and nori (seaweed), fried egg, and shitake mushrooms are in the somen as well. Somen is made near Himeji in the town of Tatsuno.

My friend, Masae told me that the Somen Association was having a somen festival in downtown Himeji so I was really excited to go. I have wanted to try Flowing Somen or "Nagashi Somen" for a long time. There is a long piece of bamboo cut in half and then a hose with cold water is flowing down the bamboo and noodles are placed in the bamboo.

As the noodles flow down the length of the bamboo, we had to try to catch the noodles with our chopsticks and then eat it up.

Somen is yummy!!


Tinz said...

Looked like fun Taube!

Mrs. Left said...

Hi! I'm Sara's friend, Christine. I liked your post about the somen--think I might try to make one of those recipes. Have fun!My blog is if you want to check it out.