Monday, June 25, 2007

It's Rainy

An interruption in my belated blogging for some current blogging.

Firstly, I haven't posted a pic of my adorable nephew Jonah in a long time. Here he is on father's day. He will be 2 in August.

I also wanted to let you know that “tsuyu" or rainy season started on the official day of June 14th. I don’t know why its the official day, especially because I thought it had already started a month ago. We have had some rain and some dark ominous days. I don’t mind the rain, especially coming from Arizona. One of the teachers in our building, Tina hates the rain. Tina you should make some teru teru bozu dolls so you can keep the rain away. A teacher told me today that Japan wouldn't get too much rain this year.

This picture shows off my dorky rain jacket and pants suit for biking to school. Unfortunately, I'm too uncoordinated to use an umbrella and ride my bike at the same time. The rain suit is ugly and hot, but it keeps me dry - sort of. Actually, by the time I arrive at school, I'm dripping with sweat, so it kinda defeats the point.


Tinz said...

Thanks for the rain tip Taube :-) I should try it and see what happens!!

Gwynne Sullivan said...

I wish it would officially be rain season here. It's 116.