Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Fast and the Furious - Furiouser

Okay, so I couldn't think of a better title for this blog, so I went for bad English. That's right, I'm furiouser! Aaaaarrrrrrhhhhh!!!

Thursday, I felt better. Me, Julian and Honda-san went to Ginza again to see some art galleries. We found one and from there we picked up a listing and went to a dozen small galleries. They were tiny, one room spaces in buildings usually on the upper floors with little signage and difficult to find. It was fun to run around and try to find as many as we could with the couple of hours we had.
Check out this thin, tall building.Afterwards, we met Yukiko again this time at Tokyo station. Tokyo station is in the center of the business and financial district of Tokyo and is an old 1920s brick building.
We walked around the area and Yukiko showed us where she use to work when she was a big corporate staff person in the financial world filled with high rollers and bosses that told her she had to dress more scantily, but then she moved onto her “slacker” life of jazz and booze ;-)

She took us to this great part of town, where there are lots of little restaurants under the train tracks. We went to a fantastic Thai restaurant that was in a tunnel under the tracks. Afterwards, we went out to a jazz club and then headed home.

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