Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Fast and the Furious- Sumo Style

Friday, as we headed into Tokyo to Roppongi Hills we got a little lost and took some pictures of some cool signs and places along the way.

In many areas of Tokyo, there are many no smoking signs posted on the sidewalks. People aren't allowed to smoke outside, but I don't think it's only because it's unhealthy. I think it's also that it's so crowded that people get hurt, check out the sign below.
After our little adventure, we made it to the Roppongi Hills development to visit the 54 story, Mori Building. The Mori Building has lots of shops, restaurants, offices, an art museum, and an observatory. We bought tickets for the observatory and art museum, which are on the top floors of the building.
It was fun looking out at the city after we had romped around for a week. We could see all of the areas we had walked and been to from up, up high. It’s really an amazing city!
We ate lunch at the little café and they had pillows and little tables set up so people could sit on the floor against the windows in an alcove and see the view. Look at the background of the picture you can see a short table and some pillows in the window. Also, my hamburger is a "dragon burger"- can you see its face?
Afterwards, we met up with Yukiko and Honda-san and headed to Tokorozawa to eat Champon, a meal for sumo wrestlers. It’s basically nabe (hot stew pot) but with every kind of meat and vegetable possible, big enough for a sumo wrestler. Actually, a former wrestler owns the restaurant. We also ate the most delicious appetizers of chicken wings, eggplant and mochi potato pancake.
Yukiko found out about a nearby jazz club in Tokorozawa, so we had a couple more drinks and then headed home.

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