Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Fast and the Furious - Back in the Hood

Wednesday, I was sick, so I went to the doctor. We relaxed at Honda-san’s all day and watched a movie. I ate a lot of cough drops.

That evening, we had plans to visit my old neighborhood of Sakura Josie and to hang out with our neighbors, the Shinos. The Shinos live across the street from my old house. Shino-san has three daughters that are close in age to my brothers, Akiko, Naoko and Yoko. Shino-san use to care for me and help my mom a lot. We spent time together almost everyday. Now, her daughters are married with children and live next to their mom. Shino-san lives in the same place, but it's been renovated into a modern house and our old house is still across the street.
Shino-san speaks no English, but she’s so energetic and fun and says whatever she thinks. Her two grandsons were cracking up the entire evening because she kept saying really funny stuff. She’s my Japanese grandma. I wish I could still speak Japanse so I could communicate with her more. Her daughters speak a lot of English so we had fun talking all night.

I enjoyed showing Julian my old house. I wish I had taken a picture. We were really lucky to live in Tokyo, in a beautiful house and to have wonderful friends in such a foreign place.

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