Sunday, February 04, 2007


I changed schools in January, and now I'm back at Masui JHS. It's the same school that I went to last year. It's really different from Sugano JHS, it's twice the size and it's an urban school very close to my house. I have a few blogs I still need to post about my experiences at Sugano.

I really enjoyed working at Sugano JHS and being in the country side. I was excited about the fact that the school has it's own plot of land for farming. They asked if I wanted to pick potatoes with the students and I jumped at the opportunity. About a month later the students built three bonfires in the school yard and we roasted them for an hour and then ate them. It was really fun and delicious. What school in America would let junior high kids build not one but three bonfires around their campus school campus?


M_Finnerty said...

Taube, glad to see you are eating right. I got a new job and I'm looking at your blog while researching blogs. Hope you and J are well. Meegan

Gwynne Sullivan said...

They look like they are holding chipotle burritos.