Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sports Day

Here are some pictures from Sugano Jr. High School Sports Day. I want to post all 100 pictures from that day...but I'll try to keep it to less than 10 pictures. I'm always way to snap happy at these events. I'm just so proud of the kids! They were fantastic!

The boys did gymnastic formations.

The girls did a famous dance, called Soran.

There were all kinds of races, walking on backs, the mukade or centipede race and tug of war.
After Sports Day, we had an enkai (work party) at a nearby onsen (hot springs). I ran 50 meters in a relay race with the teachers against the students. I haven't run in a long time and my legs hurt for days afterwards, but it was really fun! It was nice soaking in the onsen after a long day.

The party turned out to be a welcome party for me and a good-bye party for one of the caretakers of the school. It was tons of fun, eating and drinking and toasting! I don't have any pictures from the work party. I really like my new school. Everytime I go to a new school, I think I fall in love with the students and teachers - especially the students. They are awesome!

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Gwynne Sullivan said...

OMG Yay! I love pictures from sports day. I love the whole thing! I want to arrange an entire thing like this. I think I will do it while we are camping.