Saturday, August 19, 2006

Vietnam - Hoi An

It's been several days since we've been to a decent internet cafe. Some of the internet places we've been to have frustratingly slow connections.

Since I last wrote, we've done so much! We took a beautiful 4 hour bus ride from Hue to Hoi An. We stayed one night in Hoi An. Hoi An has about 75,000 people and is an old colonial town that is a world heritage site. It has beautiful, old, French, colonial style buildings and it sits on a river. It was a thriving port town in the 17, 18 and 1900s so it has many foreign influences.

Japanese covered bridgeAnother propaganda bill board

Hoi An is famous for their clothes making. It feels really special to be measured for pants that will fit you perfectly. I had 2 pairs of linen pants made just for me and ready within 2 hours. In HCMC, I have a suit and some more pants waiting to be picked up. I think next time I come here, I will throw out my entire wardrobe and go to Hoi An for a whole new wardrobe. It's really amazing. The fabrics are beautiful. Also, if you just bring a picture or a favorite skirt or tell the seamstresses what you want they can make it, replicate it and have it ready for you within a couple of hours or days.

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Gwynne Sullivan said...

That whole clothing situation sounds like a personal heaven.