Saturday, August 12, 2006

Vietnam - Halong Bay

We just got back from a beautiful 2 day, 1 night boat trip to Halong Bay. We should have booked a longer trip - it was so amazing! So far, it's the highlight of our trip. It wasn't a junk, it was a small river boat. We were with14 other people. We sailed around the bay, ate great food, went kayaking a couple of times (which was my first time and loved it!), swimming, hiked into some big caves and just relaxed. It looked a lot like the Jurassic Park movie. I've seen too many movies.

We are going to take a night train to Hue in a sleeper cabin tonight. We will stay in Hue one day and night and then head to Hoi An. We are not sure exactly what we will do after Hoi An, probably go to some beaches and then head to HCMC by next Sunday. There's so much to do here. I really wish we had more time! We've met many people who've been traveling around SE Asia for several months....perhaps something that we could do in our future....

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Gwynne Sullivan said...

So many of these pictures look the way China looked to me. Only it's more overcast than when I visited. Which makes me think of movies, too.