Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yukata Festival

At the end of June, the annual Himeji Yukata Matsuri was held for two days. Everyone dresses up in a yukata and walks the streets of Himeji, where there are hundreds of food stands, games for little kids and souvenirs. A yukata is a summer kimono made from cotton. It's much lighter than the regular kimono and is available in many different colors and patterns. It's so wonderful to see many people, couples, groups of friends, families and children dressed in yukatas. They are so beautiful and colorful. I didn't wear one this year, but I will definitely wear a yukata next year. Julian had a really good observation that sums it up, he said the kimono looks as if the person has been gift wrapped like a beautiful present with a bow.


Kawaii Girls

Cute little girl

Cute Couple

Cute Girls

Cute Allison and Julian

Cute Lexi and Maya

Pot Leaf Yukata

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marty-ba-ba said...

hi taubs:

loved your Matsuri pix & captions,as well as the MT. Aso & other Kyushu shots. glad you had a blast at the festival.

reminded me of the Shimo-Takaido matsuri ages ago. You were probably too young to remember, but mom marched with other ladies dressed in a straw conical hat. tho its hard to believe now, she was the tallest woman in the group. marc & andy marched in colorful yukatas with the other street urchins. believe they all rehearsed their parts.

I wheeled you in a stroller while taking shots of mom, the boys, you, & the festival.

It was great fun, but your matsuri was obviously a much bigger deal.

believe we still have pictures in the attic of both the festival & rehearsal.

liked julian's wrapped gift analogy. 'twas right on the mark!

Are you planning to include Vietnam pix in your blog? Hope you can. Your blogs are super.