Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yukata Festival Games and Souvenirs

There are also a lot of games and souvenirs at the festivals.

Ball Collecting Game - Kids have to collect rubber balls with a small round type of net, but it's not a net it's covered in a type of paper that eventually disintegrates in the water. The kids have to collect as many items as possible before the paper falls apart to win prizes. There are other variations to this game with fish, small character dolls, etc...

Fish Collecting Game

Turtle Collecting Game

Glow Ball Collecting Game

Putting Balls into Slots Game - Here's Mario, there were lots of other characters as well

Eel Fishing Game - By far the strangest game I've ever seen in Japan and Masae said this is a new game. People have litttle wooden sticks with string and a hook. It looked really hard, but also kind of sad as well.

Souvenirs - Cool Character Masks

Souvenirs - Teen Beat Booth

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naomi said...

omigod, i love the masks. they're great!