Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yukata Festival Food

I took lots of pictures of the Yukata Festival Food. At every festival there's always a lot of yummy food. Here are just some of the selections.

Yaki-tori (bbq meat on a stick)

Tako-yaki (grilled octopus dough balls)

Hoto dogusu (hot dogs)

Okonomiyaki (flour, egg, veggie, meat pancake/omlette but better)

Yaki-soba (grilled noodles with veggies and meat)

Sweets and candy
Pancake balls (not sure what the Japanese name is but they are like sweet pancake dough balls)

Tai-yaki (shaped like a fish- sweet pancake on the outside and sweet red bean or sometimes cream or chocolate on the inside)

Ringo Ame (Candy Apples)

Ame (Candy)

Koton Ame (Cotton Candy)

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