Sunday, December 25, 2005

Last Day of School & YUKI!!

Thursday, December 22nd
Thursday was my last day of school and it was the last day of the fall semester. I had to prepare farewell speeches in both English and Japanese one for students and one for teachers for the "closing ceremony".

When I woke up Thursday morning it was still snowing - YAY! Yuki or snow is filled with childhood memories of no school - where we could stay home and go sledding and drink hot chocolate and have a fire, etc... It's just so beautiful and great!

I saw this snowman in front of a bus stop, look at the size of it compared to the bus in the background, it's large.

One of the teachers lives near me, so she called me and offered to drive me to school-so nice. The kids were coming to school that morning because it wasn't snowing very hard in that part of town. After I got to school, it started snowing harder and it started to pile up. So, the teacher decided to have the closing ceremony early.

Closing ceremony consisted of the students and teachers freezing in the gym with the students sitting on the cold wood floor while the principal recognized many kids for their various accomplishments on stage and handed out awards . Then, the principal said a few words about me and I had to go up and give a speech. One of the kids gave a speech in English and Japanese for me. After the ceremony, I thanked the kid who gave the speech and I asked if I could have the speech.

Here it is:
How was the life at Shikama Higashi? Did you enjoy the sports day and the cultural day? You are smiling, at hall, in the class, everywhere at school. When we said "Hello!" to you, you smiled and answered "Hello!". And you helped us to clean the classroom. We enjoyed your class very much. Especially we liked the game you planned. We are going to miss you. We'll never forget you, and try our best in our school life. Please remember us, and we hope you will keep smiling at next school, Masui Junior High School. I think you can make the school happy. Thank you.

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