Sunday, December 25, 2005

Gwynne's REALLY here!!!!

Monday, December 19th
On Monday, I anxiously walked around school counting the minutes until I could leave and see Julian and Gwynne. Gwynne was getting in around 6pm, but with immigration it can take up to an hour to get out of the area because of the long lines of people. They also were taking a direct bus from the airport to Himeji which takes about 2 hours and then a cab to our apartment. Long day for Gwynne and anyone who visits us, but well worth it.

I left a little early from work so I could finish cleaning and prepare for Gwynne's arrival. Julian and I have cell phones, which is great because we are in a country where we can't speak the language very well or read, so it makes me feel safer to have a cell phone, plus it's more social and fun. I'm not as available as I was in Phoenix with my desk job, so now it's nice just to be in contact with people and to have the phone. Also, when a strange moment happens I have my handy camera and I can contact someone immediately and say check this craziness out. So, Julian and I had been text messaging each other on and off all day. When finally, he announced that he had met up with her. Lucky for me, he then sent me a picture and it was then that I realized I didn't really believe that she was here in Japan with Julian. I was so happy he sent that picture, it was proof! YAY!! So, I sent a picture of myself back and here they are!!!

Gwynne was hungry when she got off the plane, so Julian took her to McDonalds in the airport and fed her french fries -

They arrived around 9:30ish and I could only hang out until 12:30am because I had to be up at 6am and Gwynne was very tired, but it was really hard parting with her and Julian. Leaving for school Tuesday and Wednesday was painful. All I wanted to do was hang out with Gwynne and Julian.

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