Monday, November 21, 2005

Our Home

I thought some of you would want to see our lovely apartment. We have pictures in our photo gallery (the link on the right side of this page. We live in the "Shirasagi Residence", a relatively new apartment building (1-1/2 years old) built and owned by the City of Himeji. Eight Australian and eight American teachers plus family members live in the building. It's a four story building with studio and 1 bedroom apartments. The rent is heavily subsidized, so we are extremely lucky to be in such a big, modern and beautiful building. We are located only 15 minutes by bike from downtown and the castle. We can see the castle from our balcony. Julian was kind enough to take lots of pictures. This is where we live and this is where you can stay....come visit us.



Living Room

Dining Room


Shower/Tub Room

Sink/Laundry Room

Toilet Room

1 comment:

Gwynne Sullivan said...

wow those are rad pictures, the place looks huge!
What I can't figure out is what the bathtub does, what's that cover stuff on top, and where does it go when you take a bath?

I don't understand what happened yesterday, I carried my phone on me but it never rang! And then this morning I get to it and it says I have a message - it's from you. I listen and then it ends, and then the message light doesn't go away. So I listen again and there's three other messages from three other people whose calls I didn't even hear ringing! UGH!

I tried calling you today but it's probably MOnday already there now, and I got your voicemail. So I'll have to try later on.