Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sports Day

Sports Day was fun and long. I had watched the kids practice so many times that by the time the actual day arrived, I had already seen the event many times over. I mostly sat and watched and took over 300 pictures. It's strange how digital cameras have changed the way I take pictures. I use to be much more discerning about the number of photos I took. I guess it use to also cost more money to develop photos as well. I'm thinking about putting together a powerpoint of the many photos I've taken of the kids and the school that I could present to the school.

After sports day, I went to my first "enkai" or work party. We went to an Italian restaurant with a Japanese spin (salad with raw fish, etc). We went to a bar for the 2nd party (after party) and did karaoke. I sang Hey Jude and YMCA because I figured everyone could sing along and mask my singing inabilities. I wish I was better at singing, but it was fun. The 3rd party (after after party) was at another karaoke and oknomiyaki bar where we ate and sang some more. My coworkers are great singers. I wish I was able to communicate more with them. It made me realize how much I miss talking to my coworkers at SWHD.

Below are some pics from Sports Day.
From left to right: Principal (Kojo-Sensei) and Vice-Principal (Kyoto-Sensei)

They participated in many different types of competions, but I thought this one was the most interesting. The boys had to horse/samurai fight. There were 2 teams, a red team and a white team. They had to get each other's hats - there were three types of competitions around getting the hats. It was really cool!

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Gwynne Sullivan said...

Shay said he would rock them all. Snatching hats is his specialty. Who knew?
I totally love all your pictures! I totally want to get my blogger site up and at em so I can get pictures going on. The way I was doing it last time was really complicated and took forever, and Julian said it was super easy the other day. I was going to ask him to show me what he meant today. But he didn't call tonight like he was gonna, so maybe later.
Um guess what? I took the GRE today! I'm so glad I got it out of the way, I'm fairly sure it's going to be perfectly fine and not a problem. The scores run in increments of 20 - so like I'm 980 total, and apparently what's standard for non-spectacularly expensive and ivyish colleges is 1000, so I'm only one rating off from what's usually expected. My program doesn't have a required minimum for what I get, so that makes it even better. I can't explain the weight off my shoulders that it's done!
I'm going to just find my favorite writing sample and send that in, and tie up my personal statement, and see what happens then.
I found out that ASU Main is introducing a new undergraduate program in FILM starting in Fall 2006! So now I have even more to think about, because I really really want to do that badly. And the only reason ASU West is working out is because it's got classes only at night. The program at main won't have a schedule like that, plus making films plain and simple requires a ton of work outside of class anyway, usually with a big team of people... How to accomplish what I want is where I'm at right now. If I did the degrees concurrently, then my applied project at the end of my grad program could be a documentary film! It's so kick ass, and I'm just trying to figure out how to do it!
We got our home appraisal in and it's looking really good. Still isn't done yet, though, because Shay was curious to see if, out of curiosity, the house would appraise for more. We don't need it to, but they gave him the option of having some people run comps on it again to see if they would bring up it's appraisal. I don't really know what the purpose of it is, but I guess maybe in the future it would help ... I don't know. But it came through and it just about finished! And I can't wait!
Well that was all, I just wanted to fill you in...