Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's the Little Things

It's the little day-to-day stuff that's so much fun in Japan. This evening, I went to the bathroom in a public restroom and there was a small box over the toilet paper dispenser, it looked like an intercom. You just have to wave your hand in front of the motion sensor and the sound of a toilet flushing over and over and over again comes out of this little box. It's to mask the sounds of you taking a dump. There's a little button to stop the sound. I wonder how long it plays for if you don't hit the stop button.

As I was browsing a sock store this afternoon, I found sweat pants for sale that had English writing running up the side of the leg that said in great big letters "Great Style, Bland New You". It just cracked me up. Gwynne - wait until you see the sock store - it is so cool! There's an entire store filled with all kinds of fun socks. I can't wait for you to get here.

I'm feeling very giggly today! I giggle all day, in school, in stores, at restaurants, in restrooms, and with friends ---- I love it! I'm so happy!

I went to tea ceremony club today. I'm starting to connect more with some of the kids. We hung out and talked about video games, anime, movies, musicians, etc. It was really fun. I also really enjoyed tea ceremony, I got to drink yummy green tea and eat sweets. There's a special room in the school with tatami mats (straw mats), shogi doors (traditional wooden and rice paper doors) along with beautiful ceramics, prints and ikebana (flower arrangements). I had no idea this room existed.

Tomorrow, I'm going to table tennis (ping pong) club. After school, I'm going to my student's house. She invited me and another teacher. Seko likes to bake cookies and cakes. I'm so excited. She's awesome at the French horn and bass. The kids amaze me with their many talents!

Here is the tea ceremony club.

I look goofy, They said I could cross my legs. I can only last about 1 minute sitting on my legs with my knees bent, not sure what you call that, but I really suck at it! As usual my eyes are closed.


Gwynne Sullivan said...

Taube you are so hot with your legs crossed and your eyes closed!
This is so funny, I've been emailing it around work. I love those sweatpants, they really sound like a keeper!

I hear you about the giggling thing - I've been giddy today myself. I'll have to explain why in my blog later...

Anonymous said...

- -

(kudzo of a person smiling)