Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Fighto, Fighto

I went to tennis club today and I kept hearing the kids yell "hi-to, hi-to" over and over again while they played. I asked them what it meant. They were trying to say "Fight, Fight" or "Fighto, Fighto". I tried to conduct an English pronunciation lesson right then and there, but they were too involved with their game. The club plays "soft tennis" and the kids use soft, rubber, balls. They are nothing like the hard tennis balls I'm use to seeing. I tried to hit a few balls and completely missed. I haven't played tennis since the 3rd grade.

Last week, I went to table tennis club (ping pong). The kids had a rhythm of how they move and hit the ball. It was almost like the kids were dancing. I had a lot of fun playing ping pong.

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