Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Baby Love

It's time for a Jonah update! My nephew is just so cute!

He's wearing the sweater and hat that I made him, of course it's meant for when he's 6-9 months old.

What a beautiful family!


Donovan said...

and I'm still working with that yellow stuff!

Gwynne Sullivan said...

I love baby liberals! YAY for your KNITTING!

Anonymous said...

hi Taube!
Love the photo of your beautiful knitted gift on baby Jonah!
hope all is well with you! i am up way past my bedtime tonight waiting for the next edition of Phoenix Favorite Places guide to print. . . so am enjoying your blog while i wait! this is looking like an allnighter since i have to get up at 6 am for the downtown market! thanks for sharing all your adventures with us. We miss you here in Phoenix (especially since there is a giant yarn sale going on at Southwest Trading COmpany which is usually not open to the public!) spent way too much $ there but it will all turn into yarn for the inventory (eventually). I bought two bags of bamboo fiber to spin, keep a look out for it in Japan as I wonder whether it is popular there, with so much bamboo there! it looks really silky before it's spun, will let you know if the yarn looks the same! seeya,
Lisa T