Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sports Day Weekend

It's finally Sports Day weekend! I think I've watched Sports Day activities at least 10 times, so I'm really familiar with what the event will be like. I'm not really doing that much, except watching and taking pictures. I hope they put me to work on Sunday. The kids and teachers have been working really hard! After Sports Day I get to go to my first enkai (work party). There will be 2 parties that evening, the first being a dinner and some drinking and then the after party complete with karaoke.

By the way, I've done karaoke twice this week. It was my first time crooning into a microphone. I'm such a bad singer, but it's certainly a lot of fun. I can't wait to take Gwynne and Shay and Julian.....Cora. Carry and Adrienne need to come as well. They don't really need karaoke, just a forest, some alcohol and a fire!

In addition, on Saturday, the local community center is throwing the English teachers a welcome party. There's also a "moon viewing festival" at Himeji castle this Sunday, but I won't be able to go because of the work party. There are many festivals in Japan during the month of October - YAY.

I have next week off, so I'm going to try to go to Kyoto for a couple of days and maybe Nara.


Pepperz said...

I've enjoyed reading your posts. I've spent some time in Japan and it's fun reflecting back on my experiences when reading about yours. Those damn gokiburis! =)


Gwynne Sullivan said...

LOL Sooooo funny and rad! When I was in China, we went to this Karaoke bar and it was truly the funniest thing ever, the ONLY songs they had were Madonna songs, and that stupid, "An um prowd ta be an Americun, ware et least ah know am freeeeee, an ah wunt ferget the men who died, an gave dat right to meee." I think they made me sing that stupid song.

I can't wait! WOOOO HOOOO!

Anonymous said...

hey taube, dont have much time to submit notes. been busy. i do enjoy reading about all you are doing. so very exciting. i wish i could say i am doing as much cool stuff. it must be amazing to live in a whole different culture. saw julian on the road the other day. funny thing is i noticed the truck because of the sticker. i thought to myself, wow, someone else shops at that web store. duh!! it was julian. not too much to report here. things are good. love autumn