Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hokey Pokey

I went to Takahama Shogakko (elementary school) today. I taught 7 classes of 40 children and I sang the Hokey Pokey at least 60 times. My voice is husky and deep, my feet are killing me and I'm happily exhausted. The kids are so "genki". I taught 4 classes of 3rd graders. They are so cute and sweet. It was so much fun! I ate lunch with the kids and they all wanted to eat with me! We rocked out to Japanese rock music during lunch. They were very surprised that I was able to use chop sticks. At the end of lunch every child crowded around me and wanted my autograph. So, I signed pieces of paper and notebooks for 40 kids. I can't put into words how happy I am and how much I enjoy working with the kids.

I also taught all of the 6th graders today. Since there are only 6 class periods in the day, I ended up teaching for 30 minutes in each 6th grade class (classes are normally 45 minutes). The 6th grade classes are going to make a presentation to me and the parents on December 2nd on Japanese culture including, ikebana (flower arranging), calligraphy, kimono, Himeji Castle, Japanese food and more. I've asked if Julian could come to the presentation as well, and they seemed thrilled to have him attend. I wish he could come to Sports Day with me.

The next time I go to the elementary school, I will get to sing Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes 60 times!! Below are some pictures from today's lessons.


Gwynne Sullivan said...

OMG your job kicks ass. It's DELUXE!
I think I remember that word for "cute" from a Gwen Stefani song that's about Harashuku girls and how cute they all are.
I love the pictures!

mdg33 said...

Hi taube:

you're really 'kickin ass'. i'm so proud of you.

Can I have your autograph too?

'ol 33

Taube said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement! Who is mdg33?

alma51 said...

I want your autograph too!!! The Hondas are awesome and you are awesome! Ditto Japan, the schools and the kids.

Anonymous said...

Man Taube, those pictures are so cute! What fun! I am glad everything is going so well.


p.s. I covet your toilet.

alma51 said...

I showed your toilet to everyone at work. We all covet your toilet.

John Suitcase said...

Sounds like you're having a good time!

When are you going to teach them the chicken dance?


edwardgonzo70268639 said...

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-Marc- said...

Taube -

I love the pictures of you attempting the Hokey Pokey!!!!!! You look great by the way!!! I'm always thinking of you, whoever said "Out of Sight, out of Mind" had it wrong!!!!