Friday, July 29, 2005

House - Work - Stuff

I want to read Harry Potter and knit! I'm avoiding all distractions right now until I leave for D.C. I must work at work and work at home (except blogging and friends/family)! Must stay focused. The picture is of my beautiful new kitchen gym floor. I'm really into eatting and working out at the same time. Actually, we bought and installed "reclaimed" school gym floors. Even though I really like the stripes, we will probably sand them. We've moved most of our stuff out of the house and we both came to the realization of how much we like it decluttered. It's a good idea to move every 9 years to help keep "the stuff" at a on-going battle.

We watched Brazil last night. I love that movie! It's so relevant today. Especially with all of these terrorists lurking around every corner! I've cancelled Netflix (one less distraction). Wish they had netflix in Japan. Instead I will be frequenting the "That's Something" video store :-) A teacher in Himeji sent me a 12 page Word document about living and teaching in Himeji, complete with photos, apt layouts, maps, local stores, teaching tips, etc. It's fantastic!

Only 17 more days until I can knit and read Harry Potter......


Anonymous said...

Don't sand the stripes - they look great!


As Good as an ABBA Song said...

Your mom's right: the stripes add character!