Monday, November 30, 2009

Shikoku Camping - Tosa-Shimizu - Part 2

November 30, 2009

May 3 and 4, 2009

Our friends, Stefan and Yumi rented a car to drive around Shikoku for a few days. I thought we could head south from Matsuyama and go directly to the very southwestern tip of Shikoku to Tosa-Shimizu city. It turned out we had to head east and do a big loop. So, poor Stefan drove for 8-10 hours. Along the way, Yumi had suggested that we go to the famous Shimanto River, but as the day progressed, we realized we didn’t have time. We reached our second campsite and the most beautiful campsite during our trip around 9 or 10 at night.

Yumi, me, Julian and Stefan, our driver, stopping to look at the view
and stretching our legs.

Tosa-shimizu and the Cape Ahizuri area is famous for their seafood and dramatic cliff views. We drove through town and found the campsite and then circled back to eat some wonderful food at a small mom and pop restaurant. We were able to order many little dishes that we all shared. By the time we reached the campsite, it was late and we were all tired. We set-up camp and went to bed immediately.
It was a grassy, beautiful campsite.

In the morning, we walked around the campsite which was next to the ocean. There was also an interesting retro-looking ocean viewing tower within walking distance from the campsite.

We wanted to stay longer, but time was limited for our driving buddies, so we got back in the car and drove to the Oboke and Iya Valley area located in the northeastern part of Shikoku.

Getting there: We went by car, but you can take a train to Nakamura Station. You must catch a bus from Nakamura Station. Take the Kuroshio Line Bus for an hour and a half to Kaiteikan-mae Bus Stop. There’s not a lot around here, so you will definitely need to find a market before you head to this campsite. N

It's in a national park. You can swim, scuba dive and fish at this campsite. There are showers, nice toilets and you can rent a barbecue and tents if you need them.

Campsite: Tsumajiro Campsite 爪白キャンプ場
Phone number: 088-085-0144
Cost: 300 yen per/person.
Other information: Open year-round, closed on Wednesdays. Reservations are not required.
Website: Tsumajiro Campsite

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hi taube,
i came across your blog on the campsite at cape ashizuri on shikoku. i tried to find it on the map but i couldnt. in april/may i will do the henro-pilgrimage and i was hoping to find a good camping spot close to temple 38! hence my interest in this site. could you tell me where exactly it is located (i dont speak japanese). i hope you can help me out and thanks in advance!
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