Sunday, May 24, 2009


May 24, 2009

August 14 and 15, 2008

We made our way to Takayama by bus. Many guidebooks describe this small town as a little version of Kyoto. I booked a small hostel in a temple. We made our way there and rented their bikes.
The temple hostel. Hanging out on a bridge.

We tootled around town, visited the historic machiya (old storefronts) area, went to a temple and just generally enjoyed the weather and scenery.

The above Saru Bobo dolls are a traditional and famous doll in Takayama. Saru Bobo means baby monkey. Mothers use to make these dolls for their children. There is no face because children are suppose to imgine their mother's face when playing with this doll.

We stopped at a little restaurant and ate yakisoba, and takoyaki with beef instead of octopus. It was delicious along with an ice cold beer on a very hot hot day.
It was a nice place to spend the day, but we were ready to move on and see the old houses of Shirakawago and Ainokura.

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