Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kibi Bike Trail 2

In the beginning of May, it was “Golden Week”. Golden week is a week with three national holidays in a row. Many Japanese people take time off during that week, so it’s a really busy time of year to travel in Japan. We opted to stay in Himeji since our friends from the US would be visiting us the following week.

Besides hanging out in Himeji and going to Spiderman 3, we organized another bike ride on the Kibi Bike Trail near Okayama. We went last November for my birthday with our friend, Chelsea. This time there were 15 of us, a biker gang taking over the country-side of Okayama. Here are some pics of our adventures with our mamchati biker hogs.

On the train to the trail - Me, Jane and Steve; Jules and Leon; John, Bill, Jono and Jodi
Picking out our bikes.

Picnicing - Jodi and Jono loving American style PB&J, but I still can't handle vegimite; Karen and Bill
Sites we saw along the way.



Tinz said...

The bike trail looks like a lot of fun. I really want to go!!

Lauren said...

That photo of you and Julian is so cute with the flowers in the background!

Gwynne Sullivan said...

ohemgee, you KNOW I love this blog and you KNOW I love that shirt you're wearing in it!!!