Monday, April 30, 2007

The Fast and the Furious - Electric and Meaty

I love vacation especially the luxury of late breakfasts and coffee, which is what we did almost everyday.

Monday, we headed for Akihabara the famous electronics district of Tokyo. We just wandered around for a couple of hours. It’s similar to Osaka’s electronics area with building after building of every electronic gadget and accessory that you could ever want or dream to have- Julian's dream place. These are some cool buildings we saw along the way probably in Shinjuku.
We met up with Yukiko and her mom, Honda-san on Monday night. They took Julian and I out for his birthday to the 54th floor of the opera house to a wonderful “yaki-niku” (grilled meat) restaurant. On the way up in the elevator, we saw this cute sign...don't get your finger caught in the door.

We sat in our own little room with an amazing view of the city and wore aprons to prepare for the meat!

We ordered lots of meat and cooked it in the center of our table. It was delicious. I actually enjoyed tongue, but I still can’t eat liver.

We even ate raw beef!

Afterwards, we headed to Honda-san’s condo in Tokorozawa. It’s a suburb of Tokyo, which is about 40 minutes from Shinjuku by train. Her condo is really beautiful and convenient. Honda-san is so kind and wonderful. She spent time with us, helped us with our travel plans, joined us for some of our excursions, took care of me when I got sick and even made us breakfast everyday. She’s my Japanese mom. I love the Hondas!

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Anonymous said...

mmm, tongue is good. you're a good jewish girl for liking tongue! we just got our passports this morning. can't wait to see you and all the sights! xo-naomi