Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Halloween Parties Galore!

Here are some pictures from the various Halloween Parties we went to this year.

Masae's English Class Halloween Party

We played lots of games and we even carved persimmon fruit into mini pumpkins! I was a wizard at this party.
Shirasagi Residence Halloween Party

This party was at our apartment building for the kids in our community. We planned for over 100 kids because last year there were about 140 kids. This year, we had 50 kids, so it was much more manageable and fun! I was a pirate and Allison was a shipwrecked, dead pirate.

Julian did the pumkin carving demo again. Here he is with Masae's kids, Tsutomu and Sato. Julian was a famous anime character called Medamanooyaji (Eyeball Man). By the way, check out Julian's new HOT glasses. You can see a small Japanese green pumpkin next to the big orange one I got from the pumpkin festival.
Prime Halloween Party

This was Julian's work party for the students at his school


Girlie said...

Very elaborate costumes- they look great! Is Julian working at a school now, too?

PS: John wants to know what Julian's eyeball costume is supposed to be...??

As Good as an ABBA Song said...

I have no idea why my comment just defaulted to "Girlie"... John think it might have misread a cookie from a message board I post on... Weird, huh?