Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer Update

I have several blogs sitting in my drafts section of my computer - half and fully written, with and without pictures. There's so much I need to catch up on - ack! I'm a slacker.

My time at Masui Jr. High School is going to be over at the end of August. I have to give a good-bye speech tomorrow. I love my current Jr. High School. The students are really fun and friendly and the teachers are really kind. I won't find out about my next school until August 30th.

The big news is that we are going to Vietnam for 2-1/2 weeks from August 4-22 for our summer vacation. I can't believe we are going! I never dreamed or thought that we would ever visit Vietnam. We are really excited! We will fly into Ho Chi Minh City and then travel up the coast to Hanoi. We want to wander the cities, eat yummy food, relax at some beaches and do some sight seeing. It's a dream!


naomi said...

get in touch with hal and rosemary. they had a blast in vietnam

Gwynne Sullivan said...

mmmmmmmmm beach relaxing rocks galore!!!