Thursday, May 18, 2006

Haha and Chichi - Week 1

It’s been a busy couple of weeks hanging out with my parents. I've been a little sad since they left on Sunday, but we had a great time together!

The day they arrived in Himeji, it was my mom's birthday, May 1st - Happy Birthday Mom! We went to one of the best restaurants I've ever been to in Himeji. It was a kaiseki restaurant so we had many different types of food such as sashimi, steak, tofu, etc. It was fantastic! We also had some birthday cake as well.

Tuesday, I had to work, so my parents went on a tour of Himeji Castle.

My friend, Masae went to lunch with my parents and then took them to my school to watch me teach. It was parents day at my school so my vice-principal said it was okay for my parents to come as well. It's a bit strange to bring family members to school. Work parties are only with your co-workers and nobody has family or friends stop by the office or school. A few of the teachers at my school brought it up to me but with a smile or a laugh. I thought it was pretty cool, although I was a bit nervous. My parents only stayed for 20 minutes and then they went to Julian's studio where he was firing a kiln with a group of studio mates. It was perfect timing! That evening, we went out with Masae and her kids for some yakitori - yum!

Wednesday, we went to Mt. Shosha with Masae. Julian had to work and go back to the studio so he didn't join us. This was my first visit to Mt. Shosha. It's a beautiful temple on top of a beautiful mountain.

Wishing/Praying for Peace with Masae

And as I've been told many times, and I'm sure I've mentioned this in previous blogs, that's where some of The Last Samurai was filmed. I think where Tom Cruise goes to the samurai leader's house.

We cooked dinner at home. My mom was so excited because we rode bikes to the grocery. She hasn't ridden a bike in about 2 years, not since before her surgery. I also introduced her to the joys of purikura. Thanks mom for scanning and sending the pics so quickly! I love these pictures.

Thursday, I had a surprise birthday present for my mom in Osaka. See for yourself.

After the game, we wandered through the entertainment and shopping areas of Osaka. My parents marveled at the throngs of people walking the streets. They commented that it was busier than the New York City streets.

Then I introduced my parents to Okonomiyaki (fried egg, flour mixture with lots of veggies and meat- yum).

Friday, my parents went to the Himeji Garden and wandered around the shopping area- Miyukidori. Julian and I met up with my wonderful teacher from my previous elementary school. She took us to a pottery studio and some historic sites outside of Himeji in Tatsuno. It was fantastic! More about that later....

Saturday, we went to our friend's Miki and Ken's museum/cafe. They are both amazing artists and amazing people! Julian works in Miki's pottery studio and Ken does wood block prints! My parents bought some of Ken's prints.

I love this picture of my parents, we were at Hosana's Bar for some drinks

Sunday we took it easy and had dinner at Masae's house. We made sushi and takoyaki or grilled octopus balls. Actually, it's like a bread or pancake ball with bits of octopus inside of it. It's a specialty to the Kansai area. I love them!

The following week was our trip to be continued....


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