Friday, February 10, 2006

What's the weather like today?

What's the weather like today? I think I'll go outside and check the sign.


alma51 said...

What a hoot. Love it. It would be perfect with the rest of the signs on our fence!!

Gwynne Sullivan said...


Donovan said...

Today its red circle with nebulous white space before it.


shibata said...

Good taube. morning
It is y.Shibata who joined by ogre prodding of a request for zuiganji
temple yesterday. Because I made entry of the history of a request for
zuiganji temple as follows, please refer to it.

A classic New Year's Buddhist service of 750 years performed every year
on February 11. I begin with 献奏(kensou) by Mt. measure rank mendicant
Zen priest save society. The children whom an empty ogre (an incarnation
of The Buddha of Healing) appears to chasing it on the stage of a right
way an ogre, and play the part of a child ogre successively Gohei and a
stick of bamboo in a hand "a good luck charm!" A good luck charm! A red
ogre (an incarnation of the god of treasure) having a bell and a torch
successively whom "and a cheerful voice sound through and a blue ogre
(an incarnation of Acala) having a bell and a torch pray for an evil
last joke / the peace safety / staple grains abundant harvest in a bell
and a sound and sutra-chanting of a conch and dance it.
When ogre prodding is over, rice cake firewood and 大護摩供養
(oogomakuyou) by a Buddhist monk are performed.