Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Yesterday, I went to my Japanese tutor. My Japanese is slowly progressing. Afterwards I met up with my friend, Masae. She took me to a pudding store for some coffee and a puddin' snack. It's a store solely dedicated to pudding. It was so cute and the pudding was delicious. I had flan and Masae had raspberry pudding. The store is so cute - so kawaiiiiii!!!! Oh how I love Japan!


Gwynne Sullivan said...

YAY! I saw that place I think, but didn't go in there. Is it near the Miyukidori?
YAY for MASAE! She is awesome. I want to cry just looking at the pictures and thinking about everyone and everything!

Donovan said...

Holy bajizinuts! I check your page and you've all this stuff posted. Going to take my time, savor every word!