Saturday, December 03, 2005

Haari Potta

A group of us went to see Harry Potter last night. Normally movie tickets cost about 1,800 yen (about $18.00) but on the 1st of every month tickets cost 1,000 yen (about $10.00). There's also "Ladies Night" on Wednesdays, which is half price for ladies. We planned on going to Harry Potter about a month ago. I was so excited to see the movie!!! I use to go to movies 2-3 times each week in Phoenix and since I've been here I've only been to 1 movie (The Corpse Bride). We do have a DVD player and VCR, so I watch videos occasionally.

I really liked it! It was really scary. It's definitely not for young kids. It was a bit strange seeing the hogwarts' kids all grown up. It's getting darker and darker!

My first year Jr. High kids were given English conversation cards. There are 7 questions in English plus one blank for them to create their own question for me. The kids are only allowed to ask me one question per day. When I've signed off on all the questions, they get a prize. There are 4 classes of approximately 40 kids asking me questions. I really like it because the many of the kids are too shy to talk to me in English so it gives them an opportunity to communicate with me. One of the questions is "Do you like movies?". Of course, I throw the question back at them and then I ask what movies they like. Some can't think of any movies so I sometimes mention Harry Potter in English, but most of the kids can't understand me. So when another Japanese person translates my English they say Haari Potta and then the kid understands. This happens to me quite often. An English word that Japanese people use, but when I say it, nobody understands me. I think it's funny and I'm working on it!


Donovan said...

When you come back, IF you come back, you're going to sound like a real jappa!

Gwynne Sullivan said...

"Do you like Ro Widaw's?"

All my friends know the Row Widaw
The Row Widaw is a rittle highaw
Row Widaw drives a rittle swowaw
Row Widaw is a weal goaw
Row Widaw knows every stweet yeah!
Row Widaw is the one to meet yeah!
Row Widaw don't use no gas now
Row Widaw don't drive too fast
Take a little twip
Take a little twip
Take a little twip and see
Take a little twip
Take a little twip
Take a little twip with me!

I'm going to be there soon!!!!!!


John Suitcase said...

This post is getting a little long in the tooth, are you getting bored with the blog now that Julian's there? ;-)