Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Dentist's Party and Karaoke

We were invited to a party by our local dentist. I've never met him before, but he invited 10 English teachers to go to a jazz concert and dinner. Only one of the teachers had met him previously during a dental visit. We learned from some of the previous English teachers that he speaks English really well and he likes to hang out with English teachers. Wednesday night, we went to the party. It was in a party hall and there were about 15 tables of 10 people and a stage area with a jazz band.

Our host, Mac and Julian 2 (Julian 2 is the other Julian that lives in our building :-)

We didn't really know what the party was for or what it was about, so we were a bit under-dressed and unprepared when they asked us to prepare to sing a group English teacher song on stage. It was decided that we would sing "Christmas Song" the one that starts with "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, etc...".

The dinner was great, waitresses kept bringing us beer, and there was a 6 course meal served to us. A jazz band played and several different singers performed several different songs, including our host, who sang as well. At some point it was our turn and so all eight of us went up on stage and sang. I held on to Gwynne as she belted out the song and I acted like Millie Vanillie lip synching my heart out and she pretended to be an English teacher. I think we must've sucked because at some point during the song, the other jazz singers joined us to back us up.

Our host, the jazz singers, me and Julian 2

Taube & Gwynne

Julian & Lexi

Julian 2 & Allison

Gwynne & Mac

I sat next to two dental assistants.

After our fabulous dinner and performance, we went to karaoke. It was so much fun. It was Gwynne's first karaoke experience. We sang such great songs by various artists such as Rick James, M&M, Fiona Apple, Cameo, Radio Head, The Beatles, etc... And Julian and Gwynne were able to do a duet together of Moterin!

Gwynne & Julian

Allison & Lexi


Anonymous said...

Taube, thank you again for your blog. I am really getting a kick out of and learning a lot from your entries. Was your social calendar always this full? Very impressive!

Happy New Year's!
Love, Michelle N.

John Suitcase said...

Glad to see you're all having a good time! Now I can't wait to come and check out J-pan!

Sounds like you guys had a nice break, and thanks for updating the blog! It makes days like today (waiting for a tow truck to take my car to the shop) much more fun!