Monday, September 05, 2005

Pay Attention!

I heard about the hurricane on Tuesday and since that day I hadn’t really paid attention to the news until my friend Nikki wrote me. Her dad had to flee Mississippi with only 1 suitcase. It sounds like he had a difficult experience getting out of Mississippi and that entire area. The news was that their house had been demolished. Thankfully, him and his wife are safe and alive. He went to Oklahoma to stay with his brother. I received news last night from Nikki that her dad’s house was not destroyed and is one of 3 houses that’s still standing. I think they plan to return relatively soon to survey the damage and see if they can retrieve some of their stuff.

I’m trying to tune into the news. I’ve been in my own little Japanese world for the past week, so it’s time to pay attention.

Japan is a very powerful place. I'm living a wonderful life of beauty and joy with little to no stress! The only thing missing are my friends and family.


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So yeah, as of yesterday afternoon they're putting over 1,000 people from New Orleans in the Veterans Memorial Coloseum. This whole thing is unlike anything we've experienced here. Oddly for you, when you've seen this stuff on the news before, it was overseas far away, in another country. And it still is that way for you today. How strange.