Tuesday, September 06, 2005


So, Sunday night, a gokiburi tried to eat me!!!! I was going to bed early, because I have to be up at the crack of dawn to get to work at 8am, when I spotted a HUGE roach the size of my hand on the wall above my bed. I freaked out! So, I stayed up past midnight screaming and trying to kill the dam thing (removal was successful - failure was not an option). Dr. Martens are really an all-purpose shoe. It was so disgusting. Needless to say, I had a sleepless night filled with concern that it's sister would pay me a visit. I was relieved to hear from one of the other tenants that in the 8 months that she's lived here she's never seen a roach in her apartment, so I'm hoping it's an exception or maybe just this time of year!

The buzz around school on Monday was the typhoon that is on it's way to Japan. It may come thorough Himeji and then head for Tokyo. In Japan, typhoons are numbered, this is number 14. It rained most of Monday. This mornng it's overcast and a bit windy, so I'm not sure what the status is at this point. The teacher that sits next to me, Hasegawa-sensei is going to pick me up in her car this morning. Once again, everyone is so nice to me. She didn't want me to have to take the bus/train/walk in the typhoon. If the typhoon hits Himeji, the kids don't have to go to school, but the teachers must go. I asked why that was and the teacher next to me could only say that it's dangerous for the children....and of course, I'm thinking well what about the teachers????

I prepared for my introduction lesson all day on Monday for today. I took all of my friends pictures on my computer and put them onto one sheet of paper and printed it out in color. I wanted the students to see how diverse America is and I figured my beautiful friends could illustrate the point. I also pulled together a bunch of other pictures of my family, my cat, Julian the house, etc. I'm looking forward to the introduction lesson.

I had a meeting with the elementary school teachers at Takahana Elementary School today. Luckily, Kimura-sensei, my English teacher contact from Shikamahigashi Jr. High was with me to translate. They want me to teach 3 classes of 40 - 6th graders on Thursday. It's also an "open house" day so the parents will be there to watch - no pressure at all. I've never taught kids, so I need to come up with some games/songs/and other fun activities. I'll probably touch base with some of the more experienced teachers in my apartment building. I wish I was better at singing --- I'm tone deaf and really suck at singing! I will think of something! I'm open to any ideas...wish I had gone to some Head Start classes...I'm sure there are lots of ideas about how to engage non-English speaking children.

The big news for me is that my friend Yukiko and her mom Miyoko are coming to visit me this weekend! I'm so excited. They are coming all the way from Tokyo for only 1 night from Saturday to Sunday. I hope it's a nice weekend. They've never been to Himeji, so we can explore it together. I'm overwhelmed with their kindness. I'm a little worried about the expense of visiting me for just 1 night. I love Yukiko and Miyoko so very much! I can't put it into words....I'm just so excited to see them!


alma51 said...

You can't go wrong with the "intsy, wintsy spider" - the hand motions and all - now, spider in Japanese is "kumo." "Intsy winsy & waterspout" in Japanese are another story!!! Just kidding - you'll think of something.

Gwynne Sullivan said...

All I know is, the three of us that had to perform in front of a huge room full of chinese students were completely stumped, after we saw their performances that they did for us. They were all experts in whatever their performances were about - martial arts, dancing (both traditional and "modern," aka Michael Jackson era), musical instruments...

We freaked out and decided to make everyone stand up and crowd around us and do the hokey-pokey. Instant popularity!