Monday, September 12, 2005

Cute Not to be Confused with Scary

Almost all of the pictures I take of the kids include them holding up their hand in a peace sign! I think it's very kawaii!!!
So the Japanese word for cute is kawaii and the word for scary is very similar it just depends on how you pronounce it. I've been super aware of the way I pronounce cute ever since the day I made the mistake of telling a teacher that the children are awful or scary.....luckily she asked what I meant by "awful".

I only had to teach 1 class on Friday, so I watched the kids practice for "Sports Day". They had to practice the opening and closing ceremony, where they had to march in unison around the field with flags and signs. They also had to do synchronized calisthenics. It was an exceedingly hot day, so I was impressed with their stamina!

I also watched the 3rd graders (9th grade in US) practice a traditional dance outside in the hot, hot sun. It was amazing.

After school, I watched kendo! I LOVE KENDO!!! I'm thinking about doing kendo with the kids. It looks really hard and I'm really out of shape, but it kicks ass!!! The only problem is they practice everyday for 2 hours...not sure if I'm that committed.

The girls from kendo club kick ass!

Me and a member from kendo club.

Judo Club

Brass Band Club

The kids were playing Ob La De Ob La Da and I mentioned that it was The Beatles, but they had no idea who that was, so I said John Lennon and I was met with more blank stares.

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