Monday, August 15, 2005

So Much

This past weekend was hectic and fun. I finished work and said good-bye to all of my wonderful co-workers and proceeded to happy hour and then dinner with friends. Saturday night, our friends made dinner for 14 of us and then had a party to say good-bye. Dinner was excellent. Robert cooked up some awesome Mexican vegan food. Oh how I will miss Mexican food! Robert and Chris are amazing. They cleaned the house, prepared for the party, cooked us food and Robert even sewed up some beautiful cloth napkins. It was fantastic!! I've been hung over for 2 days, it's probably just emotional exhaustion more than actually being hung over. I'm just feeling ragged.

I'm on my way to DC. My flight is delayed, so I thought I would post quickly. I'm going to try to set-up photo albums in the next couple of weeks. I have so many pictures.

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