Friday, August 26, 2005

Off to Japan

I'm in sitting in the LAX Japan Airlines First Class Lounge munching on cheese, nuts and other assorted snacks. We will be boarding in 15 minutes. I'm sitting in economy class, but the woman at the counter hooked us up with the VIP lounge. I can't believe I'm going to Japan. It feels like a dream! I'll write more from Japan. Sayonara!!!


Gwynne Sullivan said...

goddammit I just had a feeling this morning that I missed you! Oh well you didn't call me. I feel dejected.

Anonymous said...

Taube- thought about you as you were off and flying to a new segment of your life. We all miss you over here at SWHD. It won't be the same. Keep in touch and we'll meet for happy hour upon your return... Sandra

Anonymous said...

I am sad that we missed you, with everything going on with my grandma we kind of lost track of time, and for some reason i had it in my head you were leaving Thursday.
I will miss you lots and lots and lots.
Love you,