Sunday, August 07, 2005

I ♥ First Fridays - YAY Artlink

I went to my last First Fridays art walk. It was the perfect night. I ran around with my friend, Robert. We hit every gallery we could in a 4 hour period. Luckily it rained prior to our adventure, bringing the temperature down just enough not to complain about the heat. We walked everywhere and our timing was great. There's kind of an art to walking around First Friday. It depends on what kind of experience you are looking for - casual/social or seeing as much art as possible! I went the route of wanting to see as much art and as many galleries as possible. My goal was to pack it all in before I depart for Japan. Plus I got to see lots of friends. I completely forgot my camera. If you haven't been, go!

Become an Artlink member today, so First Friday and other great and free events continue. See website in my links section. Artlink is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing together artists, the public, and businesses for a greater understanding, appreciation, and promotion of the arts and the development of a strong and vital downtown Phoenix arts community.

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